Touch Screen Constant-Temperature Incubator BJPX-H (D/G) Series

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  • Large LED  touch screen.
  • D type: with inner glass door.
  • G type: with viewing window.
  • Microcomputer controller.
  • Stainless steel chamber.
  • Over temperature alarm.
  • Independent limit temperature alarm system.
  • Leakage current and over-voltage protector.

Technical Parameters

Capacity 54L 88L 160L
Temperature Control Method PT100
Temperature Range RT+5~85℃
Temperature Stability ±0.5℃(at 37℃)
Temperature Uniformity ±1℃(at 37℃)
Ambient Temperature 5~30℃, recommend 25℃±2℃
Timing Range 0~999h
Shelves 2pcs/adjustable
PowerConsumption 345W 495W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz(Standard); AC110V±10%, 60Hz(Optional)
Internal Size(mm) 395*346*395 500*364*500 558*518*600
External Size(W*D*H)mm D type: 536*588*681

G type: 522*626*587

D type: 650*573*793

G type: 627*621*692

D type: 718*732*890

G type: 685*779*790

Packing Size(W*D*H)mm D type: 606*648*681

G type: 592*676*724

D type: 720*630*930

G type: 697*671*829

D type: 788*792*1027

G type: 755*829*927

Gross Weight (kg) D type: 51

G type: 44

D type: 65

G type: 51

D type: 89

G type: 69