Small Capacity Thermostatic Shaking Incubator BJPX-N Series

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  • USB data recording system automatically records the test process data throughout the whole process.
  • The whole experiment data can be recorded by USB flash disk (temperature and rotation time can be recorded).
  • Download data, automatically list, save and print, and easily playback the experimental process with a mouse click, which is convenient for optimizing reaction conditions, screening experimental methods and confirming the experimental process.
  • Multi-stage speed temperature and time control system can set a variety of different speed temperature and time experiment modes at one time, and automatically change the operation mode during operation.
  • Super low speed start, the speed is out of control, automatic lock, start speed adjustable unique dynamic balance design, to ensure smooth operation.
  • Mute fan design and forced convection mode and unique air duct design to ensure a good temperature uniformity.
  • Users can freely set up three operation modes of alternating forward, reverse, positive and reverse.
  • LCD display, temperature, time, speed and interface display.

Technical Parameters

Model BJPX-100N BJPX-200N
Controller PID
Display LCD
Circulation Mode Forced convection
Shaking Mode Cyclotron
Drive Mode Unidimensional drive
Temp. Range RT+5~65℃ 4~65℃
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1℃
Temp. Uniformity ±0.5℃(at 37℃)
Rotating Speed 20-450(r/min)
Rotating Accuracy ±1(r/min)
Vibration Range 26mm
Refrigerant / Environmentally friendly refrigerant
Cooling Consumption / 118W
Timing Range 0-9999h/min
Shaking Plate Size 450*410mm
Standard Capacity 50ml*4,100ml*4, 250ml*3, 500ml*3 50ml*5,100ml*5, 250ml*4, 500ml*3
Max. Capacity Clamp flask: 100ml*23 or 250ml*15 or 500ml*9,1000ml*6 or 2000ml*4;
Haftplatte: 100ml*30 or 250ml*20 or 500ml*9 or 1000ml*8 or 2000ml*4
External Size(mm) 750*710*520
Auxiliary Function Ultra-low speed start, adjustable start speed, monitoring timer, parameter memory, upper and lower limits of over-temperature acousto-optic alarm, while opening the door automatically stop, monitoring temperature and environmental temperature for
Consumption 550W 650W
Power Supply Standard: AC220±10%, 50/60Hz; Optional:110V±10%, 60Hz
Internal Material Stainless steel
External Material Stainless steel
Package Size 881*875*715mm
Gross Weight 110kg 130kg