Vertical Type Shaking Incubator BJPX-D Series

(with single door or double door)



  • Audio and visual alarm.
  • Power off recovery function.
  • High efficiency servo motor, accurate control speed.
  • Super low speed start, start speed adjustable, over-speed automatic protection.
  • Accessories: Monitor timer(standard accessories); Open the door automatically stop, UV disinfection function, humidity shaker, high temperature shaker(optional accessories).

Technical Parameters

Model BJPX-1102D BJPX-2102D
Controller PID
Display LCD
Circulation Mode Forced convection
Shaking Mode Rotary shaking
Drive Mode Multidimensional drive
Rotating Speed 20~350rpm(Static culture, reverse rotation or alternate operation)
Rotating Accuracy ±1rpm
Vibration Range Φ26mm, (Can customize φ35(20-250rpm/min), φ50(20-200rpm/min))
Temp. Range RT+5~65℃ 4~60℃
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1℃
Temp. Uniformity ±0.5℃(At 37℃)
Timing Range 0~9999h/min(Can run continuously from time to time)
Shaking Plate Size 500*360mm
Shaking Plate Quantity 2pcs
Max. Capacity 100ml*60 or 250ml*38 or 500ml*22 or 1000ml*16(Flask clamp)
100ml*60 or 250ml*36 or 500ml*24 or 1000ml*16(Haftplatte)
Standard Capacity 250ml*24
Internal Material Stainless steel
External Material Stainless steel
Refrigerant / CFC-Free, R134A
Cooling Consumption / 250W
Heating Consumption 500W

Safety Function

Audio and visual alarm for over-temperature;
Alarm for over-speeds;
Independent over-temperature protector;
Shutdown protection for door opening;(Optional accessories );
Leakage or over-current protection;
Ultraviolet disinfection function (Optional accessories);
Calibration of monitoring temperature and ambient temperature
Consumption 600W 850W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz(Standard); AC110±10%, 60Hz(Optional)
Internal Size(W*D*H)(mm) 600*410*630
External Size(W*D*H)(mm) 700*580*1280
Package Size(W*D*H)(mm) 825*720*1490
Gross Weight(kg) 220