Vertical Freeze Dryer BK-FD12 Series

The lab series freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying test of laboratory biomedical samples. Widely used in drugs, biological products, chemical and food industries. On the heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, hormones and other biological tissue enzymes, freeze-drying technology is applied.


Technical Parameters

Model BK-FD12S(-60/-80) BK-FD12P(-60/-80) BK-FD12T(-60/-80) BK-FD12PT(-60/-80)
Type Standard chamber Standard chamber with 8 port manifold Stoppering chamber Stoppering
chamber with 8 port manifold
Freeze Drying Area 0.12m² 0.18m² 0.09m²
Tray 4/6(Optional)pcs 3pcs
Height Between Trays 76/50mm 70mm
Cold Trap Temperature ≤-60℃/-80℃(Optional)
Cold Trap Capacity 9.3L
Cold Trap Size (Dr*H) Φ217*250mm
Vacuum Degree <10Pa
Water Capture Capacity 4kg/24h
Tray Size (D*H) Φ200*20mm
Freeze Drying Time 24h
Loading Capacity/Shelf (Liquid) 0.3L
Total Loading Capacity (Liquid) 1.2L 1.8L 0.9L
Drying Chamber Size (D*H) Lower circle Φ260mm, Upper circle Φ240mm Height 450mm
Can Load Vials Qty Φ22mm 260 195
Φ16mm 480 360
Φ12mm 920 690
Refrigerant R600a+R290+R23
Cooling System Air cooling
Consumption -60℃: 0.9kW,-80℃: 1.5kW(Optional)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz, 60Hz (single phase);
110V/220V, 60Hz (single phase); 110V/60Hz(single phase, only for -60℃)
Standard Accessory -60℃ cold trap, Vacuum pump 2L/S, 8m³/h, Material tray, Material rack, PC cover (for all models);

Conical-mouth flask 500ml*8pcs, Switch valve*8pcs (only for model BK-FD12P/PT)

Optional Function & Accessory -00℃ cold trap, Electric defrost function, Nitrogen gas filling valve, Oil mist filter (for all models);
800ml wide-mouth flask(for BK-FD12P/PT)
External Size (W*D*H) 480*620*920/1370mm
Package Size (W*D*H)mm/
Gross Weight
Main Body 730*600*1180(80kg)
Drying Chamber 620*400*400(15kg)
Vacuum Pump 570*360*240(22kg)