Table Top Autoclave Class N

It Applies to all wrapped or non-wrapped, solid, hollow load products type A and porous products or related articles. This sterilizer can be used for dental clinic, laboratory, surgical room, emergency room, ophthalmology, gynecology and steam, cosmetic hospital and so on, by doctors and professionals.




  • Adopting European N standard, with thermal vacuum and drying functions, it can be used for A-type hollow instruments and solid instruments. Thermodynamic vacuum guarantees elimination of cold air from the cavity and makes sure that reaches the optimal effect of sterilization.
  • Specially design for dental clinic field, it could sterilize 12 pieces hand piece at same time, simply and efficiently.
  • Microprocessor control, LED display and modularized panel for easy operation.
  • Automatic malfunction detection system makes easy maintaining.


Technical Parameters

Model BKM-Z12N BKM-Z18N BKM-Z24N
Capacity 12L 18L 24L
Chamber Size(mm) p200*360 p245*350 p245*450
Sterillization Class Class N(according to EN 13060 standard)
Sterilization Temp. 121℃,134℃
Drying Procedure Heat drying
Display LED display
Control Precision Temperature:1℃
safety System Hand lock door
Relief valve in case of over pressure
Pressure or temperature over load protection
Alarm for system failure, finish reminding
Tray Holder 3 pcs ss trays on Ss shelf
Chamber SUS304
Max working pressure: 2.3bar
Min working pressure: 1.1bar
Max temperature:145℃
Ambient Temp. 5~40℃
Noise <50dB
Power 16O0W for 220V,1200W for 110V
Power Supply Standard:220V±10%,50/60Hz;Optional:110V±10%,50/B0Hz.Wiring Method: Plug
External Size(WD*H)mm 560*450*400 560*450*400 670″450*400
Package Size(WD-H)mm 650*515*470 650*515*470 760°515*470
Gross Weight(kg) 38 40.5 45.5