Micro-Volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer BK-CW2000

Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer is used for quantitative and qualitative research by spectrophotometry. It is usually used in quantitative research of nucleic acid, proteins and bacterial concentration.



  • Most samples don’t need dilute.
  • Microscale sample test, minimum 0.5 μl.
  • PC control, more accurate and flexible. Model BK-CW1000 BK-CW2000
  • Ultromicro and cuvette dual platform (Only for BK-CW2000).
  • Wide test area, 100 times of the traditional spectrophotometer.
  • Test directly without warming up, do not need detection container, lower daily consumption.

Technical Parameters

Model BK-CW1000 BK-CW2000
Minimum Sample Capacity 0.5μl
Ultromicro Optical Distance 1mm/0.2mm 1mm/0.2mm/0.05mm
Cuvette Optical Distance 10mm/5mm/2mm/1mm
Whole Wavelength 190~1100nm
Scanning Wavelength 190~850nm
Wavelength Accuracy 1nm
Wavelength Resolution ≤0.3nm(FWHM @ Hg 253.7nm)
Absorbance Accuracy 2%(0.76 @ 257nm)
Absorbance Resolution 0.002Abs(1mm)
Absorbance Range 0.02~300 (10mm) 0.005~300 (10mm)
Test Accuracy 0.1~5 Abs.±0.1 Abs 5~80 Abs. ±2% 0.01~0.5 Abs. ±0.01Abs 0.5~80 Abs. ±2%
Test Time 5s
Detector 3648 pixel linear CCD array
Light Source Import xenon lamp Sample
Test Platform Material 304 stainless steel and quartz
Standard Accessories Driver software CD 1 pc Power line 1 pc, Power Adapter 1 pc
Power Supply AC 110/220V±10% , 50/60Hz
Consumption 24W
External Size(W*D*H)mm 200*130*136
Packing Size(W*D*H)mm 310*310*310
Net Weight (kg) 2.5
Gross Weight (kg) 5