Fluorescence Spectrophotometer BK-F93

Fluorescence analysis can provide information including excitation and emission spectrum, emission light intensity and measurement of life of emission light and polarization fluorescence etc and a wide lineal range of working curve.

This method has been used in: Medical science and clinical ,Pharmaceutical science and pharmacology,Biochemistry ,Food industry, Pollution and Organic and inorganic chemistry.



  • 1200 line diffraction grating emission monochromator .
  • LED is a cold-light source with longevity, lower background & reliability, prevent from thermo-pollution.
  • Automatic zero adjustment and automatic background subtraction,
  • Eight stage sensitivity adjustment, Real time fluorescence value display and concentration print out, Extra wide dynamic range of fluorescence value ensures accurate measurement of minute changes in micro samples.

Technical Parameters

Model BK-F96PRO BK-F93
Light Source Hamamatsu 150W Xenon lamp LED
Exciting Optical Filters Interference optical filter

a) Standard set is equipped with

an interference optical filter of
centralwavelength at 365nm and 10nm bandwidth

b) An optional interference optical filer of 25mm diameter of
wavelength of 250-700nm can be provided on users demand.

Interference optical filter (10nm bandwidth)
Emission Monochromator C-T diffraction grating(Em 200~900nm, bandwidth 10nm) 360~650nm (C-T diffraction grating)
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm ±2nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤0.5nm ≤1nm
Sensitivity Raman peak of water in 1 cm quartz fluorescence cuvette with S/N≥150 1*10-9 g/ml (Standard aqua of the sulfuric acid Quinine, 12nm bandwidth)
Linear measurement(r) ≥0.995 ≥0.995
Stability better than 1.5%/10min better than 3%/10min
Response Time (0.1~4)s      6 stages adjustable (0.1~4)s
Fluorescence display value 0.00~600.00 0.00~250.00
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 60/50Hz
Packing Size(mm) 535*500*380 450*420*280
Gross Weight(kg) 14 9
Standard Accessories


365nm filter(Preassembled), 1 pc

F96PRO software package, 1 pc

USB interface, 1 pc

Quartz fluorescence sample cell10mm, 1 pair

RS232 serial port, Glass fluorescence cuvette 10mm  1 pair
Optional Accessories Fuzez (2A/5A), 200~700nm interference optical filter (φ25mm)

Quartz fluorescence sample cell 10mm

Multi-function fluorescent sample rack holder, Membrane sample Rack,

Powder sample rack, Sample cell jacket, Octave filters, Micro-nutrient tube accessories, Upconverson fluorescent accessory

Data processing software package (pack, for PC, FuseS (2A), Quartz fluorescence cuvette includes 10 mm, Optional led a set 365nm, 376nm, 392, 405nm