Flame Spectrophotometer BK-FP

An analytical instrument based on emission spectrum principle and using the thermal energy of flame to make the certain element motivate luminescence and to analyze the content of certain element in the material. It widely used in the analysis and determination of agricultural fertilizer, soil, cement, ceramics and silicate industry and pathological studies of health care etc.




  • USB Interface (Except BK-FP640)
  • LPG as burning gas
  • Direct concentration read-out
  • Measuring range adjustable
  • 7 inch LCD touch screen
  • Automatic Calculation of correlation coefficient (Except BK-FP640)
  • Pre-selection of flame sizes
  • Flameout protection device

Technical Parameters

Model BK-FP640 BK-FP6410 BK-FP6430 BK-FP6431 BK-FP6440 BK-FP6450


K 0.01ppm
Na 0.01ppm
Li / / 0.01ppm / 0.1ppm
Ca / / / 2ppm 2ppm
Ba / / / / / 6ppm


K 0~100ppm
Na 0~160ppm
Li / / 0~100ppm / 0~100ppm
Ca / / / 0~1000ppm 0~1000ppm
Ba / / / / / 0~3000ppm


K 0.195ppm(0.39~3.12)ppm
Na 0.69ppm(1.15~9.2)ppm
Li / / 0.15ppm(0.25~5)ppm __ 0.15ppm(0.25~5)ppm
Ca / / / 3ppm(5~100)ppm 3ppm(5~100)ppm
Ba / / / / / 9ppm
Llinearity Error K ≤0.195ppm
Na ≤0.69ppm
Li ≤0.147ppm ≤0.147ppm
Ca ≤3ppm ≤3ppm
Ba ≤9.042ppm
MDL K ≤0.156mmol/L
Na ≤0.184mmol/L
Li ≤0.105ppm ≤0.105ppm
Ca ≤2ppm ≤2ppm
Ba ≤60.28ppm ≤60.28ppm
Repeatability 1 % CV for 20 consecutive samples
Response Time <8s
Sample Uptake <6ml/min
Ambient Temp 10 ℃~35℃
Humidity ≤85%
Consumption 250W
Standard Accessories Air compressor
Power Supply AC110V/220±10%, 60/50Hz
Packing Size 580*540*400mm, 18kg