-60 °C Vertical Freezer BDF-60V Series

Deep freezer manual series products are applied to places needing storage at constant temperature, such as hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, blood banks, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, biological pharmacies, genetic engineering, entrepreneurs, etc.




  • Perfect alarm system with buzzer sound and lamp flashing alarm functions
  • High temperature alarm & Temperature  sensor failure alarm
  • Multiple-protection function (Password protection, power-on delay, time between stops, refrigeration system operation protection during sensor failure)

Technical Parameters

Model BDF-60V58 BDF-60V108 BDF-60V158 BDF-60V398
External Size(W*D*H)mm 540*620*1115 700*730*1260 700*700*1580 850*960*1860
Internal Size(W*D*H)mm 361*405*406 460*460*510 460*455*800 550*630*1140
Capacity 58L 108L 158L 398L
Temp.Range -25℃ ~ -60℃, adjustable
Temp.Accuracy 0.1℃
Control System & Display Microprocessor control, LED display
Audio & Visual Alarm High or low temperature alarm ;Sensor failure alarm
Refrigeration Type Optimized auto-cascade refrigerating system
Refrigerant Unique fluoride-free mixed refrigerant, CFC-Free
Condenser & Evaporator Optimized evaporation and condensation system,

strong cooling and low energy consumption

Construction Structure 90mm ultra-thick foam layer 120mm ultra-thick foam layer 150mm ultra-thick foam layer


304 stainless steel


Sprayed steel plate
Consumption 450W 480W 500W 550W
Power Supply AC110V/220V±10%,50/60Hz
Package Size


610*690*1275 785*800*1430 785*770*1750 935*1030*2030
Gross Weight 101kg 133kg 150kg 250kg