-40 °C Vertical Freezer BDF-40V58/90/368 Series

-40℃ Low Temperature Freezer Two rooms design is suitable for storing multi kinds of samples that need different temperature, or some samples that need separate storage. This type of freezers has independent temperature control to help you save both room and power.


Technical Parameters

Model BDF-40V58 BDF-40V90 BDF-40V368
External Size(W*D*H) 540*620*1115mm 600*610*945mm 720*830*1870mm
Internal Size(W*D*H) 361*405*406mm 440*447*640mm Upper:580*626*625mm Down:466*636*625mm
Capacity 58L 90L Upper:189; Down:179L
Type Vertical
Temp. Range -15°C~-40°C Upper:2°C~8°C Down:-20°C~-40°C
Temp. Accuracy 0.1°C
Control System Microprocessor Control LED Display
Alarm BDF-40V58: High or low temperature alarm,sensor failure alarm; BDF-40V90&BDF-40V368: High or low temperature alarm,sensor failure alarm,power failure alarm, door open alarm.
Refrigeration Type Refrigerant Direct Refrigeration
R404a and R23 R290 R600a and R290
Compressor Unicom pressor, imported famous brand compressor
Material Structure Uniboday design
Material Internal 304 stainless steel Sprayed steel plate
Material External Sprayed steel plate Sprayed steel plate
Shelf 1 pc shelf 2 pcs shelves Upper:3 pcs shelves
Down:2 pcs shelves and
6 drawers
Consumption 340W 252W 402W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60HZ; AC110V±10%, 60Hz(except BDF-40V90)
Package Size 610*690*1275mm 725*735*1160mm 775*920*1990
Gross Weight 98kg 83kg 166kg